Intro to Yoga is a 4-5 Week Course That Start The First Week Of Every Month.    

Registration Fee $99/Month

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:45am

Register for a yoga class which progresses over the calendar month.  Avoid the chaos and frustration of most modern yoga classes and learn to perform the poses with proper form. This class may be taken multiple times until the student is ready for more advanced yoga postures.

Note for first timers: please arrive to class 15 minutes early. Thanks!

The 4-5 week yoga courses which progress each week of the month starts the first week of each month.

The intro to yoga course teaches the fundamentals upon which all successful yoga practice is based.  Much of modern yoga we see lacks real instruction on how to do yoga correctly and most modern studios lack courses which give a week by week progression where students make real progress. Many modern yoga classes are much too fast paced and the room is too hot for healthy exercise.

You will appreciate the real teaching that takes place in our classes. Our students improve because we teach yoga sequentially and give specific personal feedback and encouragement to each student.

We have a small friendly 1000 square foot studio with abundant natural light that allows you to practice without feeling crowded.

We offer quality instruction by teachers who understand and pay meticulous attention to individual differences and have the skills to work with a wide range of people, and their unique situations.

Fitness for 40 Plus has a history in offering quality inspired teaching of one of the best yoga systems available: Iyengar Yoga. 

Registration for the Tuesday and Thursday classes at 7:45am starts the first week of each month.

Fitness for 40 Plus